无论是普通账号还是Plus账号,都有可能面临被封的风险,短期内千万不要用亚洲节点登录! 如果被封不要慌张,这里提供一个保姆级的解封教程,以帮助大家快速解封。


1.通过open ai申诉邮箱发送申请邮件。(下有模版)



申诉邮箱: support@openai.com



亲爱的 ChatGPT 支持团队,
我希望你能收到这封电子邮件。我的邮箱是 [ 你的邮箱 ],我写信是希望取消对我的 ChatGPT 帐户 [ 你的邮箱 ]的禁令。我认为我的帐户因可疑活动而被错误标记和禁止,我怀疑这是未经授权访问和滥用的结果。

我最近发现我的帐户遭到入侵,我有理由相信它在我不知情或未同意的情况下被其他人访问和滥用。我对这可能给 ChatGPT 社区造成的任何不便或中断深表歉意,并向您保证我没有参与导致禁令的活动。


我一直重视并尊重 ChatGPT 社区准则,并努力保持积极和建设性的存在。我理解为所有用户维护一个安全和愉快的环境的重要性,并对这种情况可能造成的任何麻烦深表歉意。






主题:Urgent Appeal: "You do not have an account because it has been deleted or deactivated" message upon logging into ChatGPT.

Dear ChatGPT Support Team,

I hope this email reaches you. My email address is [你的邮箱], and I am writing to urgently appeal for the cancellation of the ban on my ChatGPT account [你的邮箱], I believe that my account has been mistakenly flagged and prohibited due to suspicious activity, which I suspect is the result of unauthorized access and abuse.

I recently discovered that my account has been compromised, and I have reason to believe that it has been accessed and misused by someone without my knowledge or consent. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or disruption this may have caused to the ChatGPT community, and I assure you that I have not engaged in any activities that would warrant a ban.

To address this issue and restore access to my account, I have taken necessary steps by changing my password and enabling two-factor authentication to secure my account. I kindly request that you thoroughly investigate my account to verify my claims and consider lifting the ban.

I have always valued and respected the guidelines of the ChatGPT community, and I strive to maintain a positive and constructive presence. I understand the importance of maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all users, and I deeply apologize for any trouble this situation may have caused.

If there is any additional information I need to provide or any actions I can take to facilitate the investigation and resolution of this matter, please let me know. I am more than willing to cooperate with any further inquiries you may have.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I eagerly await your response and sincerely hope for the swift reinstatement of my account.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]







主题:Subject: Urgent Help Needed! My Account has been Banned, Please Help to Unblock

Dear Customer Service,

I am writing this email because I have discovered that my Chatgpt account has been banned, which has left me feeling very disappointed and anxious. I want to assure you that I have never used an IP address from Hong Kong, and I have always followed the rules and regulations of Chatgpt. I am unsure why my account has been banned, but I am in desperate need of your support and assistance to resolve this issue.

My account is extremely important to me, as I have invested a lot of time and effort into it. I am very eager to resolve this problem and I hope that I can receive a clear explanation and a quick resolution from the official team. If my account cannot be unblocked, I will be very disappointed and frustrated because this will have a significant impact on my work and studies.

Please handle this issue as soon as possible. I believe that this issue can be resolved through effective communication and cooperation between us.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Best regards,

[你的全名] [您的用户名] [您的电子邮件地址(就是被封号的那个账号)]



我写信是因为我发现我的Chatgpt账户被封了,这让我感到非常失望和焦虑。我保证,我从未使用过香港的IP地址,而且一直以来都遵守着Chatgpt的规定和要求。我不知道为什么会被封禁,但我非常需要官方的支持和帮助,以解决这个问题。 我的账户对我来说非常重要,因为我在其中投入了很多时间和精力。现在,我非常着急地想要解决这个问题,我希望能够得到官方的明确说明和尽快的解封。如果我的账户无法得到解封,我将非常失望和沮丧,因为这将对我的工作和学习造成不可估量的影响。 请您尽快处理这个问题,我相信,这个问题可以通过我们之间的有效沟通和合作来解决。


此致[你的全名] [您的用户名] [您的电子邮件地址(就是被封号的那个账号)]


Subject: Urgent Request for Account Unblocking - I have never used a [您的可疑IP] address

Dear Customer Service,

I am writing to urgently request your help. I have discovered that my Chatgpt account has been blocked, but I assure you that I have never used a Hong Kong IP address! I am extremely disappointed and frustrated that this has happened, as I have always followed Chatgpt's rules and requirements throughout my professional career. Therefore, I feel very urgent about this issue.

I need you to provide clear explanations regarding the reason for the account blockage, and I hope that my account can be unblocked as soon as possible. As my work on Chatgpt is very important to me, I will not be able to continue my work if my account cannot be unblocked. I hope you can understand my urgency and anxiety, and provide me with the fastest solution.

I look forward to your reply, and thank you very much for your patience in reading my email.


[你的全名] [您的用户名] [您的电子邮件地址]

主题:紧急请求解封,我从未使用过 [您的可疑IP] 地址





此致 [你的全名] [您的用户名] [您的电子邮件地址(就是被封号的那个账号)]


Subject: Request for Unblocking Account as I Never Used [您的可疑IP]

Dear Customer Service,

I was extremely upset to learn that my Chatgpt account has been blocked. However, I was surprised to find out that the reason for my suspension was due to the use of a Hong Kong IP address, which I have never used before. I want to assure the Chatgpt team that I am a law-abiding citizen and have always followed the rules and regulations set by Chatgpt, and have never violated any policies.

Therefore, I am reaching out to request your support and assistance in resolving this misunderstanding. I need clarification from the Chatgpt team on the reason for my account's suspension and request that my account be unblocked as soon as possible. My account is very important to me, and it is the foundation of my collaboration with Chatgpt. I cannot tolerate being punished for something I did not do.

Please believe me when I say that I am an innocent person, and I desperately need the Chatgpt team's help and support. I believe that through mutual trust and cooperation, we can find a resolution to this issue.

Thank you for your time and patience in reading this email, and I look forward to your response.


[你的全名] [您的用户名] [您的电子邮件地址]

主题:未曾使用过 [您的可疑IP] ,请官方帮我解封







[你的全名] [您的用户名] [您的电子邮件地址(就是被封号的那个账号)]

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